Best Himalayan Salt Lamps – Buyer’s Guide

Best Himalayan Salt Lamps

Best Himalayan Salt Lamps of 2019

Product TypeMaterialsBulbsColorsDimensionsWeightPower source 
Levoit Salt Rock Lamp (Editor's Choice)Levoit Salt Rock LampHimalayan salt lampHimalayan pink salt, rubberwood or steel15WRubberwood Base; Stainless Base6 x 6 x 10 in9.95 poundsAC power cordCheck Price
Himalayan Glow Pink Salt Night LightHimalayan Glow Pink Salt Night LightHimalayan salt night lightHimalayan pink salt, metal2 x 15WBamboo Salt Lamp; Tall Round Salt Lamp; Lantern Salt Lamp; Ovel Style Salt Lamp; Picket Fence Basket; Pillar Style BasketVarietyVarietyAC power cordCheck Price
Crystal Decor Natural Salt LampCrystal Decor Natural Salt LampMetal Himalayan salt lampHimalayan pink salt, metal15WStar; Sun; Bagua; Buddha; Flower; Leaf; Slowflake7.9 x 5.7 x 5.3 in5.82 poundsAC power cordCheck Price
Levoit Himalayan Sea Salt Crystal Night LightLevoit Himalayan Sea Salt Crystal Night LightAcrylic Himalayan salt lampHimalayan pink salt, acrylic or PC3 x 15W or 3 x 3.5WPink9.3 x 9.3 x 6 in or 4.3 x 4.5 x 4.3 in8.5 or 2.2 poundsAC power cord or USB / AC AdapterCheck Price
Himalayan Glow Rare Large Natural Salt LampHimalayan Glow Rare Large Natural Salt LampWhite or pink salt lampHimalayan salt, wood15WWhite Salt Lamp; Pink Salt Lamp; Naked Salt Lamp4.3 x 4.3 x 7.5 in; 4.5 x 4.5 x 7 in; 3.5 x 3.5 x 6 in7, 6 or 4.54 poundsAC power cordCheck Price
D'Aplomb Authentic Natural Salt LampDaplomb Authentic Natural Salt LampRectangle Himalayan salt lampHimalayan pink salt, wood15WPink7.5 x 3.5 x 5.8 in11.5 poundsAC power cordCheck Price


1. Levoit Salt Rock Lamp – Simple and Nice Salt Lamp

Levoit is different from many other companies that sell Himalayan salt lamps in that they actually have a mining license and are able to personally and directly mine the rock salt crystal from the Himalayan mountains that goes into their lamps and to directly carve the crystal into the shape of this lamp.

Specific Features

This particular lamp emits a calming amber light and weighs only about 4.5 kg and is about 15 cm. x 15 cm. x 25 cm. Its small size and light weight make it ideal for lighting up small areas or corners, or for placement on a bedside table or nightstand. Because the lamp’s glow is so beautiful, it’s bound to attract attention and can serve as an excellent centerpiece wherever you happen to place it.

The lamp also uses a 15-watt bulb at only 120 volts, greatly reducing potential fire hazard dangers. The lamp comes in a package than includes three such bulbs. The salt crystal with the bulb inside of it rests on a sturdy rubberwood that can be relied upon not to crack, shrink, slide around or corrode.

Perhaps most usefully, the lamp further comes with a dimmer switch which you can lightly touch to turn on and then repeatedly touch again or hold down to either brighten or dim the lamp, as necessary.

To sweeten the pot even further, Levoit includes a 2 year warranty with this lamp.

Because Himalayan salt crystal tends to naturally attract moisture, to prevent any risk of damage, we recommend keeping it on regularly or storing it away somewhere dry when you anticipate an extended period in which it won’t be used.

  • Small, manageable size
  • Lightweight
  • Emits beautiful amber light
  • Looks arresting and attractive
  • Comes with useful and easy-to-use dimmer switch
  • Heatproof and fireproof
  • Not safe around pets
  • Must be store in a dry place when not in use for an extended time


2. Himalayan Glow Pink Salt Night Light – Best-Designed Salt Lamp Basket

This salt lamp doesn’t come as a single block of salt crystal placed over a lamp, but instead is elegantly and creatively designed to be a bundle of smaller salt crystals in a basket under which a light bulb is buried. The almost volcanic pink and orange glow that the lamp radiates gives the appearance of something old and captivating. It’s an especially good choice for those who are aesthetically conscious and really want something that can properly beautify an area.

What You’ll Be Getting

It comes with a 183 cm (6 ft.) cord and a dimmer that allows you to precisely calibrate the intensity of the light until it’s set exactly as you want it. With this, you can make a setting feel relaxing, romantic or any suffused with any kind of similar ambiance. It’s also useful as a night light.

At 20.3 cm x 20.2 cm. x 18.3 cm and weighing only approximately 4 kg, it’s of very manageable size and can fit on virtually any desk, bedside counter, living room table or similar flat surface. This, combined with its mesmerizing glow, makes it a dream for any careful and ambitious home decorator who want to produce both a relaxing mood and a feast for the eyes.

The 15-watt bulb is perfect for creating dim light, and though occasional issues with the bulb have been reported, replacements are easy to get by contacting customer support when necessary.

  • Beautiful and creatively made
  • Great for home decor and easy to appropriately fit just about anywhere
  • Comes with a dimmer to help you regulate light intensity
  • Affordable
  • Occasional light bulb issues have been reported


3. Crystal Decor Natural Salt Lamp – Inexpensive Salt Lamp Basket

This salt lamp basket from Crystal Decor is compact and easy to fit just about anywhere, since it’s only 12.7 cm x 12.7 cm x 12.7 cm and weighs an almost feather light 2.7 kg. Its diminutive size shouldn’t be allowed to fool you, though, as it can still emit a satisfying glow that will set the mood just as required.

The light bulb itself is a 15-watt E12 socket bulb, enabling the lamp to give off a tranquil and rejuvenating glow. It’s also connected to a dimmable cord, allowing you to easily regulate the intensity of your light and making the lamp useful as everything from a night light, to a light for prayer or meditation, to a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, hall or living room light.

If you should ever need to replace the light bulb, this is easy to do and replacements are inexpensive.


Even though Himalayan salt crystal is already quite beautiful on its own, this polished and coated cube-shaped metal basket strives to add yet another aesthetic touch with a ying-yang sun pattern displayed on all sides. A collection of Himalayan rock salt crystals lays piled up inside the basket, covering the light bulb and giving the whole thing a rather natural look.


Because the basket is make of metal, this might produce a bit of an unpleasant smell if the lamp is on too long, overheats the basket or interacts with the paint.

  • Very cheap
  • Great as a night light
  • Bulbs are easy to replace when necessary
  • Light, small and compact
  • Attractive design
  • Dimmable cord lets you regulate light intensity
  • Keeping it on too long may create a smoky or burning smell as the lamp interacts with the metal cage

Crystal Decor Salt Lamp


4. Levoit Himalayan Sea Salt Crystal Night Light – Small Salt Lamp Basket

This is yet another beautiful Himalayan salt lamp basket offering from Levoit, this time with the crystals placed in a basket that looks rather like a very large whiskey glass. The lamp runs on a 3.5-watt incandescent bulb. Three total bulbs are included with the lamp – one already pre-installed in the lamp, and two other extras. The lamp also comes with a USB adaptor, allowing you to plug it into some device with a USB port, like a laptop, and run the lamp with that device’s power if there doesn’t happen to be an ordinary electrical outlet around.

It also has a button on the front which you touch to turn on the lamp. Pressing the button will allow you to gradually adjust the intensity of the light. Simply hold the button until it reaches your desired level. The 161 cm. (5.3 ft.) cord cord is specially designed to minimize fire hazard risk and other such dangers.

At 10.9 cm x 11.4 cm x 10.9 cm and weighing only about 1 kg, it’s extremely small, portable and convenient to put just about anywhere. Combine this with its ability to release dim and calming light, and it’s a natural choice for a night light or bedside light, though it can serve decorative purposes in other areas as well.

Guaranteed Authentic

As with all of their products, if you purchase either the Aria or the Cora Himalayan salt lamp from Levoit, Levoit will send you a certificate of authenticity proving that the crystals used in your lamp were found, mined and extracted from the Khewra salt mine in Pakistan.

  • Extremely small, portable and lightweight
  • Comes with a USB adaptor
  • Comes with button to easily adjust light intensity
  • Safeguarded against fire hazards
  • Affordable
  • Comes with a certificate of authenticity proving that the crystals used are really from the Himalayas
  • The small pieces of salt crystal in the basket can present a choking hazard, so keep the lamp out of the reach of small children

Levoit Himalayan Sea Salt Night Light


5. Himalayan Glow Rare Large Natural Salt Lamp – Affordable Naturally-Shaped Salt Lamp

Himalayan Glow has produced a simple, to-the-point, but still beautiful type of salt lamp that comes in three different colors: light amber, dark amber and white. The addition of a white-colored lamp gives you some more versatility and aesthetic possibilities than what is offered by just the pink or amber-colored lamps you’re likely to see for sale most of the time. It’s also shaped like it’s just been chiseled out of the side of a Himalayan cliff, giving it a very natural and authentic appearance.

Some Exact Specs

With its 15-watt bulb, you can use this lamp to lend a warm, relaxing, inviting or romantic texture and glow to a room, or you can simply use it as a night light on your nightstand. In addition to the one bulb that comes ready and pre-installed, the lamp also comes with two other replacement bulbs.

Since it’s about 10.9 cm x 10.9 cm x 19 cm and weighs between only 2.2 and 3.2 kg (depending on the crystal used to make the lamp), it can be easily put virtually wherever necessary in just about any type of room, making it an excellent combination of versatility and beauty.

The lamp comes placed on a durable, antibacterial, shrink-resistant and termite-resistant wooden base that can be relied upon to keep the lamp in place and not slide around.

  • Comes in three different colors: light amber, dark amber and white
  • Small, light and portable
  • Can create a relaxing atmosphere virtually anywhere
  • Affordable
  • There have been occasional issues with the lights flickering and the bulbs malfunctioning

Himalayan Glow Rare Large Salt Lamp


6. D’Aplomb Authentic Natural Salt Lamp – Beautiful Rectangular Salt Lamp

Unlike the other salt lamps we have been considering here, which were designed to have rough edges and deliberately allowed to retain their imperfections of form to give them a “natural” look, this beautiful salt lamp from d’aplomb was carefully and deliberately chiseled into a rectangular shape. If smooth shapes and precise geometric figures are you thing, then this is likely to be the sort of lamp that appeals to your aesthetic tastes.

Exact Specs

Its dimensions come out to 19 cm x 8.9 cm x 14.6 cm and it weighs 5.2 kg, making it just a bit heavier than some of the other lamps we’ve been discussing. It operates with a 15-watt bulb and it is not recommended that you use a stronger one if the bulb should ever need to be replaced. One extra bulb comes with the lamp.

Safe Equipment

It comes with a touch-activated dimmer switch and an electric cord, both of which have been certified by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) to meet the highest standards of safety and quality. And with this, you can rest easy and allow the lamp’s soothing pink glow to wash over you as you unwind.

  • Perfectly geometrical and even in shape, for those who like that sort of thing
  • Includes a touch-activated dimmer switch
  • Both the dimmer switch and the cord have been certified by UL
  • Emits a beautiful and relaxing pink gleam
  • More expensive than the other lamps we have considered here

Daplomb Authentic Salt Lamp


Buyer’s Guide

Not everyone may be familiar with what a Himalayan salt lamp is. Even for those who are not, mention of the Himalayas tends to evoke images of mountainous grandeur, of Sherpas helping brave and adventurous climbers up forbidding and dangerous peaks, and of a type of airy and deep spirituality. When people think of the Himalayas, they might think of bravery, danger, adventure, oneness with nature and of overwhelming natural beauty.

As wonderful as these romantic images and associations may be, however, they keep you pretty much in the dark about just what a Himalayan salt lamp is. And so, to make things a bit more concrete and bring them down to earth, we’ve decided to throw in a buyer’s guide here to give you some practical information and tell you all you need to know about Himalayan salt lamps – what they are, how they work and what to look for when shopping around for one.

What is Himalayan Salt LampWhat Are Himalayan Salt Lamps?

This, we suppose, is probably the central question on many people’s minds. Though they come in quite a number of different shapes and forms, in essence, Himalayan salt lamps are made of red or pink-hued crystals of rock salt taken from actual Himalayan caves. After hollowing out the center with a chisel, a light is placed inside to give the lamp its relaxing pink glow. Since these lamps are made of real Himalayan rock salt and not some other gimmicky material, they’ve been rising in popularity of late.

Health Benefits?

There have been quite a few claims bandied about concerning the supposed health benefits of adorning an environment with a Himalayan salt lamp. Everything from improving cognitive functioning by releasing negative ions into the surrounding air; to reducing air pollutants by attracting them to its surface, and thus reducing the symptoms of those with asthma or other pulmonary disorders; to improving mood, sleep quality and the strength of one’s immune system, have been claimed as positive effects of surrounding yourself with Himalayan salt lamps. How much truth is there to such claims?

Every smart shopper should have accurate information about the things that he is looking to buy, and in this case, the honest answer is: not much. Although air ionization has been associated with some positive health effects, there is no evidence that Himalayan salt laps can cause any significant amount of air ionization. Further, even if salt lamps could be shown to measurably increase air ionization, there is no evidence that air ionization has any positive effects on things like mood, comfort or depression, according to a 2013 meta-analysis. That means (no pun intended) that claims about salt lamps improving mood or mitigating depression should be taken with a grain of salt. There is similarly no evidence that the presence of Himalayan salt lamps leads to any measurable reduction in air pollution.

There is, though, some small amount of suggestive evidence that exposure to a Himalayan salt lamp might improve your mood or the quality of your sleep. According to one 2010 study, animals who were around a salt lamp for 14 weeks showed an increase in their ability to metabolize serotonin and tryptophan – two chemicals which play an important role in mood and mood disorders – by the end of that period. Studies about the connection between salt lamps and sleep quality, though, have been inconclusive.

The most likely explanation for reports of better sleep from those who have salt lamps in their homes is that the lamps give off a soft, easy and calming light which tends to psychologically set people up for relaxation and sleep. The serene and placid atmosphere that the lamps can create in a room is probably also what’s responsible for reports of improved mood while being around them.

Why Get a Salt Lamp, Then?

If claims of the health benefits of surrounding yourself with salt lamps are dubious and inconclusive, then why get them? One simple answer here is: because they’re beautiful. Jumping to the conclusion that salt lamps are not worth your attention or money because they probably can’t do everything for your heath that some of their boosters claim they can do is much too hasty. There is much to be said for the value of making your home or other surroundings beautiful, calm and inviting.

How your home looks can say a lot about you. Your personal aesthetic in how you choose to arrange it can be a projection of yourself and can make that home unique and special. Any lamp can fulfill the clear practical function of providing light, but if you take the creative and interesting step of lighting things with exotic Himalayan crystal, you show the world that you have a taste for the glamorous and extraordinary.

Not only this, but we have mentioned many times the relaxing mood that a salt lamp’s glow can create. Even if the effect that this produces is purely psychological, that does not make it trivial. Who would not love to return after a stressful day at work to a home or a bathroom that is lit like a spa and designed to get you in the mood to let go of your cares? Psychological and physical well-being are connected, after all.

On the more practical side, because Himalayan salt lamps generally tend to emit dim rather than bright light, they can be especially useful as night lights, saving you the trouble and discomfort of blasting your eyes with bright light at night when you really don’t need it.


Where Should You Place Your Salt Lamps?

Since choices about whether to buy and where to place salt lamps are largely aesthetic – although they can be somewhat practical as well – where would it be best to leave them? Simply put: anywhere that you think could benefit aesthetically from the presence of a warm and dim glow. Some specific examples might include:

  • Your bedroom: A Himalayan salt lamp’s soft and warm light can cast a sleepy feeling over your bedroom, so it’s natural to want to put some of them there. Since the light that they emit is generally not intense, they are also useful to have around if you need a brief burst of light to help you find some object that’s laying around without overpowering your eyes.
  • Your living room: The relaxing atmosphere that Himalayan salt lamps create is perfect for lounging about in the living room or creating just the right ambiance to allow you or your guests to settle in and watch a movie.
  • Your bathroom: Embellishing the surroundings in your bathroom with a few salt lamps can easily help to make the place look and feel like a spa. If you do this, for example, as you prepare to take a soothing bubble bath, you can easily find yourself melting in relaxation. Just be sure not to leave the lamps near any water or anything else that could set off a dangerous reaction with electrical equipment.
  • By a child’s bedside: If you have children that could use a night light, a Himalayan salt lamp might be just what they need.

Other examples might be included, as you are only really limited here by your own creativity. Think about how your home looks and which parts of it could used a warm glow.

Where Shouldn’t You Place Your Salt Lamps?

Conversely, here are a few places in which leaving a salt lamp might cause inconveniences or safety concerns, leading us to recommend against it:

  • Near water: Just like any other electrical device, leaving a Himalayan salt lamp near an area with a lot of water can be dangerous. Be careful here.
  • Places with high humidity: High humidity will cause the salt crystals in your lamp to melt. While this isn’t dangerous, it can be annoying. Placing a lamp on top of your television or some other electronic device that tends to heat up can have the same effect.
  • Near the reach of pets or little children: A pet or small child can carelessly knock over your lamp and damage it, so make sure that you are careful to keep this from happening.

What Shapes, Sizes and Colors Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Come in?

Himalayan salt lamps vary in shape, size and color, and which shape, size or color is right for you will depend on your aesthetic tastes, the effect you’d like to produce in the setting where you’ll leave the lamps and your convenience. Some of the common shapes include:

  • Natural rock shape
  • Sphere
  • Cube
  • Pyramid
  • Bowl
  • Any kind of specially-carved or crafted shape

Although salt lamps are most commonly pink or of light red color, like the Himalayan salt crystal of which they are made, they can also come in yellow, orange or white.

Salt lamps can also vary in size from as little as 2-3 kg. in weight to as much as 25-30 kg. They also range from as little as 15 cm. to larger than 40 cm.


Himalayan salt lamps are a curious and exotic product that can give you a little taste of the heady and rarefied air of the Himalayan mountains. Even though some of the extravagant claims about serious health benefits to be had from being around salt lamps shouldn’t quite be believed, they are still intoxicatingly beautiful items that come in all manner of creative styles and can pervade any area with a seductive glow of relaxation.

In this guide, we’ve tried to introduce you to Himalayan salt lamps, tell you a bit about how they look and what they are, discuss six of the most popular models around today and their strengths and weaknesses, and even warn you a bit about some questionable claims that some have made about them. Our goal has been to turn you into a smarter shopper and make sure that you come away knowing what you want.

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