10 Best Artificial Flowers – Buyer’s Guide

Best Artificial Flowers of 2020

Product TypeMaterialColorsFlowers count 
Ling's moment Artificial Flowers Blush Roses (Editor's Choice)Lings moment Artificial Flowers Blush RosesIndividual flowersFoam2250 pcsCheck Price
JACKCSALE Wedding BouquetJACKCSALE Wedding BouquetBouquetRhinestones, Satin171 bouquetCheck Price
Butterfly Craze Artificial Lavender Plant with Silk FlowersHeart to Heart Artificial Lavender Plant with Silk FlowersIndividual flowersPlasticPurple4 or 8 Piece BundleCheck Price
Duovlo Vintage Artificial PeonyDuovlo Fake Flowers Vintage Artificial PeonyBouquetSilk flower and plastic branch1913 stems, with 6 flowers and 2 budsCheck Price
En Ge Mini Real Touch TulipsEn Ge Home Decor Mini Real Touch TulipIndividual flowersSilk flower and plastic branch810 pcsCheck Price
Neomark Realistic Succulent Cactus PlantsNeomark Realistic Cute Green Home Garden Faux Artificial SucculentIndividual flowersPlastic with flocking coatingGreen4 pcsCheck Price
Admired By Nature Long Hanging Bush FlowersAdmired By Nature Artificial Wisteria Long Hanging Bush FlowersLong hanging flower bushPlastic/silk1415 pcsCheck Price
Velener Potted Green GrassVelener Mini Fake Potted Green Grass for Home DecorPotted plantsPlastic grass and paper-mache potGreen1 pcsCheck Price
SOLEDI Fake Silk RosesSOLEDIIndividual flowersSilkWhite, Blue, Milk White, Red, Pink10 pcsCheck Price
Leagel Artificial Calla LilyLeagel Calla LilyIndividual flowersLatex flower and flowers stems have wires inside1210 or 20 pcsCheck Price


1. Ling’s moment Blush Roses – Best Artificial Roses For Wedding Bouquets

Regardless of the occasion, roses are always one of the most popular flowers, whether real or artificial because they offer an exquisitely curved and coy look. The Ling’s Moment company is actually one of the older ones on our list having been around for a little over a decade and style themselves as a high-end seller of top-quality artificial flowers and plants that can be used in a wide variety of circumstances. For the Ling’s Moment roses, you not only get the best rose artificial flower, but you get a great value too.

Solid Value Top to Bottom

Regardless of how you actually break it down, the Ling’s Moment roses are a stupendous value when compared to pretty much every other product on our list. While this is technically one of the more expensive products that we reviewed, it does come with 50 different bulbs giving you plenty of room to do different things with them. In fact, it is expected that you will use the artificial flowers for a wide variety of purposes and their wire stem has been made so that they will pose easily and can be cut without much effort. Finally, the flowers are handmade of a latex foam that allows them to look and feel as close to the real thing as you can get.

  • Flower made of latex foam
  • Comes with 25 or 50 bulbs
  • Bulbs are 2 ¾”
  • Stems are 7” long
  • Stem is flexible
  • Bulbs are handmade
  • Comes in 21 different styles
  • Are rose flowers
  • A more expensive artificial flower
  • Not the most durable
Foam Roses DIY For Wedding Decoration


2. JACKCSALE Wedding Bouquet – Best Bouquet For Bride

JACKCSALE is an interesting company because it does not have that large of a market imprint, and as an only online business, this is even more surprising. That said, this still does not prevent the company from providing one of the most elaborate and ornate artificial flower arrangements that we saw. In fact, this is by far the best artificial flower bouquet that we came across and JACKCSALE is almost certain to have one that is perfect for your or a loved one’s wedding.

It Is All Good

In fact, the only real downsides to this product are the cost, which understandable considering how much more elaborate it is than the other products on our list. Outside of that, some people did not seem to like how the rhinestone embellishments looked, but that is more a matter of personal taste than an out and out flaw. Instead, you are left with a bouquet of satin roses that comes in 18 different styles and can even be customized if you get in contact with the company, something you can do through their Amazon store. Finally, this is also the largest artificial flower arrangement that we reviewed at 20” tall and a surprising 30” in diameter.

  • More ornate than most
  • Are rose flowers
  • Comes in a bouquet
  • The bouquet is 30” diameter
  • The bouquet is 20” tall
  • Comes in 18 different styles
  • Flowers made of satin
  • Can be customized
  • The most expensive artificial flowers reviewed
  • Embellishments are rhinestones


3. Butterfly Craze Artificial Lavender Plant – Best Silk Flowers For Wedding Decor And Table Centerpieces

It can be a bit difficult to figure out Butterfly Craze considering they are actually owned by Heart to Heart Gifts Inc, but the fact remains that they produce a fairly high-quality product. That said, you can definitely see how the brand makes some missteps considering that they do not seem to specialize in much of anything at all. If there is a single underlying theme is might be home goods, but the Butterfly Craze lavender definitely presents a bit of a conundrum. Still, this is the best lavender artificial flower on our list.

Good and Bad

It is always best to get the bad news out of the way first, so it should be known that the Butterfly Craze lavender has a tendency to shed. Specifically, this artificial flower was made to be more durable than most and features a protective coating that allows it to withstand the sun and general environment better than without. That said, this protective coating has a tendency to age into a waxy texture that will flake off. On the other hand, the flowers are made of silk and the entire product is essential oil safe, so you will have to determine if that is too big of a nuisance.

  • Flower made of silk
  • Comes in a bundle
  • Are lavender flowers
  • Essential oil safe
  • Has protective coating
  • Is between 14 ½” to 16 ½” long
  • Stem made of plastic
  • Has a velvety texture
  • A more expensive artificial flower
  • Protective coating sheds


4. Duovlo Vintage Artificial Peony – Best For Wedding Home Decoration

As you will soon see, the artificial flowers market is saturated with young upstarts that virtually sprouted overnight with the majority of the companies on our list having been founded less than 5 years ago. That said, these companies have a tendency to rely on an only online business model that allows them to keep their overhead costs low and pass those savings onto their customers. As such, the Duovlo peonies are a less expensive artificial flower and made in such a design that it can be used for a wide range of settings and situations without seeming awkward or out of place.

Incredibly Versatile

Easily the best thing about the Duovlo is that it can be used for such a wide range of purposes depending on which one you choose. Out of the 20 different styles you have to choose from, the Duovlo comes in everything from a “dying” Victorian look to the complete, truncated rainbow of varying shades and hues of pink. There are even some bluer and purple options, but the remains that the complete arrangement combined with the sheer number of options allows this artificial flower to travel very well from event to event, though you should be careful as it is not UV protected.

  • Flower made of silk
  • Comes with 6 flowers
  • Features a full arrangement
  • Are peony flowers
  • Bulbs are 2”
  • Stem made of plastic
  • Is 21” long
  • Comes in 20 different styles
  • Not UV protected
  • Arrives very compressed


5. En Ge Mini Real Touch Tulips – Best For Tulips Bouquets

En Ge takes a fairly novel approach for the consumer artificial flower market and makes it a point to provide the most accurate representation that they can, even if that means that they take a hit elsewhere. That said, if you are looking for a versatile tulip artificial flower, the En Ge provides plenty of options to choose from and a design that allows you to use it for a variety of purposes. This is likely due to the fact that En Ge specializes exclusively in artificial flowers, so they understand where they can stretch the limits and what needs to be top shape.

Hit or Miss

When it comes to the En GE tulips, you get what you pay for as the flowers themselves come in bundles of 10 and features some of the longest stems we saw at 13 ½”, though it should be noted that the bulbs are some the smallest, but that is by design. There are not quite as many styles to choose from for the En Ge tulips, but there are still 8 different ones with a full spectrum of colors. Finally, the flower itself is actually made of polyurethane which means that they are completely waterproof, but it also means that they are more susceptible to UV damage than other artificial flowers may be.

  • Comes with 10 bulbs
  • Is 13 ½” long
  • The bulb is 1 ⅓”
  • Comes in 8 different styles
  • Flower made of polyurethane
  • Is a tulip flower
  • Stems are flexible
  • Is a less expensive artificial flower
  • Not UV protected
  • Colors deviate more than others


6. Neomark Realistic Succulent Cactus Plants – Best For Home Garden

For what should be almost expected at this point, Neomark is another company with little presence outside of a select few only online outlets. Even better, they do not actually specialize in artificial flowers and thus are not going to put the same level of care and attention to detail as a company which focuses on that market exclusively. That said, this artificial flower is definitely not intending to present itself as pumped up and is instead a fairly humble home decor artificial flower suitable more for a desk or bedside table than anything else.

A Great Touch

It should be understood from the beginning that the Neomark artificial flower is not something you get to show off or even for someone to note to themselves. Instead, this is an artificial flower which is meant to go unnoticed but pulls together an entire room, or it could conversely spice up an otherwise unadorned and boring space with strict rules regarding decorations, like an office. Either way, the 4 bulbs included in this product to give you a bit of room to play with the design, but this plastic succulent does present a durable option and even feels a bit heavier than most of the other products on our list.

  • Is a succulent flower
  • Flower made of plastic
  • Less ostentatious than some
  • Comes with 4 bulbs
  • The stem is 2 ½” long
  • The bulb is 3 ⅓”
  • More durable than most
  • Can be used outdoors
  • Smaller than most
  • Not a centerpiece


7. Admired By Nature Long Hanging Bush Flowers – Best Silk Plants For Restaurant And Office Decoration

Admired By Nature is the whimsical name given to the brand owned by GSC Inc., that specializes in artificial flowers and their accessories. It should be noted that not only are the Wisteria artificial flowers high-end, hence why they are ranked our best outdoor artificial flowers, but every single product within the Admired By Nature lineup has the same attention to detail and level of craft and care placed into their products whether it is the design, the materials, or the options, Admired By Nature rarely seems to disappoint.

Surprisingly Durable

By far one of the more intriguing qualities of the Admired By Nature is that it is made to be hung up either indoors or outdoors, though not anywhere that it might be exposed to extended rain. Other than that, the Admired By Nature can seemingly handle all of the wind, sun, and even the occasional tumble without so much as a scratch. The truly surprising part of this is that the flowers are made of silk which would normally require a more controlled environment. Still, the stem is made of plastic and is completely waterproof, though you may need to arrange the flowers for taste. Thankfully, the Admired By Nature Wisteria has been treated to ensure that it does not suffer issue even outdoors.

  • Can be used outdoors
  • Flower made of silk
  • Stem made of plastic
  • Is a Wisteria flower
  • Comes in 15 different styles
  • Has a complete arrangement
  • Comes with 15 stems
  • Is 36” long
  • A more expensive artificial flower
  • Require plenty of primping


8. Velener Potted Green Grass – Best Fake Plants For Home Decor

Velener is another company that sprung up recently and specializes primarily in manufacturing artificial flowers and accessories for artificial flowers, though they do dabble in the odd errant product here and there as well. One thing that should stand out about this company is that they cover pretty much all of the major consumer bases when it comes to artificial flowers. In this instance, Velener has put forth a line of various different home decor artificial flowers which are great to serve as a transitional accent but are not truly designed to be their own centerpiece. That said, they do offer some versatility.

A General Purpose

The Velener is not going to wow you in too many categories primarily because it is not meant to be a “wow” kind of artificial flower. Instead, the inauspicious nature of this product belies that fact that it is one of the more durable on our list with the “flower” of every style made out of plastic which is both waterproof and safe to use with essential oils. That said, the included pot is made of paper mache, so you should likely be a bit careful around the Velener unless you simply replace the included pot altogether.

  • Comes in a variety of types
  • Comes in 10 different styles
  • Comes with a pot
  • The plant made of plastic
  • Is a less expensive artificial flower
  • “Flower” is 4 ¾”
  • Is essential oil safe
  • Is water safe
  • Pot not that durable
  • Does not look real


9.  SOLEDI Fake Silk Roses – Best Artificial White Roses For Bridal Bouquet

You might think otherwise, but no, our trend of cheap labor providing some truly shocking deals allowing companies which have sprung up virtually overnight to completely dominate the market of artificial flowers continues as our next company, SOLEDI, is the ripe age of 2 but has been able to bring their prices lower than any of their competitors without sacrificing too much in the way of quality which some features that are better than competitors twice as much.

A Great Value

Though this is the least expensive artificial flower that we reviewed, that does not mean that SOLEDI cheaped out, though it is worth noting that you likely should not use these artificial flowers for the advertised purpose. Specifically, this product is a bit underwhelming for a bridal bouquet, though it would serve well as part of an arrangement for the bridesmaids. That said, the SOLEDI is probably best reserved as a celebration where you need a fair number of artificial flowers that will look nice but will not cut too deep into your budget. The fact that these artificial flowers are made of silk is all the more surprising not to mention that the flower bulbs are also fairly large at 3 ½”.

  • Comes with 10 bulbs
  • Is a rose flower
  • Flower made of silk
  • Is 17 ⅓” tall
  • Flattened flowers easily revived
  • The least expensive artificial flower reviewed
  • Comes in 5 different styles
  • The flower is 3 ½”
  • Often arrives flattened
  • Stems look fake


10. Leagel Artificial Calla Lily – Best Lily For Wedding Bouquet

Leagel is definitely a bit unusual in the ragtag bunch of companies that we have assembled on our list in that it is actually one of the few companies that we reviewed which genuinely does specialize exclusively in artificial flowers. On top of that, all of the products that Leagel sells are just as high of quality as the Calla Lily which should give you some piece of comfort. Despite the headline, the Leagel Calla Lily should definitely be in the running for the best artificial flower centerpiece, though it definitely has one or two things holding it down, especially its price.

A Wonderful Lily

Though the cost may be a bit higher compared to most of the other artificial flowers on our list, the Leagel Calla Lily is also a better all-around made product too. For instance, this is one of the few artificial flowers we saw whose bulbs were made of latex foam. This material is surprisingly durable, flexible, and all-around resilient with the ability to bounce back from a variety of potentially damaging scenarios. In fact, the only thing that really gives the Leagel Calla Lily any trouble is sunlight which can actually break down the latex foam and ruin the flower.

  • Is a calla lily flower
  • Comes in 2 different quantities
  • Comes in 12 different styles
  • The stem is 13” long
  • The flower is 2”
  • Stem made of polyurethane
  • The flower is made of latex foam
  • Stem is flexible
  • A more expensive artificial flower
  • Not UV protected


Buyer’s Guide


By far, the most important aspect of artificial flowers is that setting in which they will be set as this is what will ultimately determine what type of flowers you need and what they should be made out of. For instance, the materials used for artificial flowers that will be set outdoors will likely not be the same material that is used for a wedding bouquet, or any flowers meant to be used for a wedding for that matter. Ultimately, everything from the materials to the type of flower to the stems and possible arrangement are almost entirely dependent on the setting, unless you are confident in your florist skills.


This is the standard use for artificial flowers though the name these days is a bit of a misnomer as the artificial floral arrangement need not actually be centered, though it may still be. This type of artificial flower will be denoted for its long stems that are often flexible as well as durable being made of metal wire encased in plastic. This type of artificial flowers will generally come in a small bundle, maybe a dozen in total, and may even feature some form of additional arrangement of different artificial flowers or plants. Generally, this type of artificial flower is meant to serve a wide variety of uses and may very well be simpler to serve more ably.

Home Decor

Outside of centerpieces, home decor is the next most common type of artificial flower and in fact is fairly similar to centerpieces in many respects. Essentially, an artificial flower that is classified for general home decor will usually be smaller than the large centerpieces. On top of that, they will be even simpler than the centerpieces, no small task, and will quite often be designed to serve as background more than anything else. That said, there are technically a wide assortment of home decor artificial flowers, but the thing that ties them together is minimalism. This type of artificial flower will also often be some of the less expensive models and will also be made out of poorer materials.


This type of artificial flower, as the name suggests, is designed to be placed outdoors, likely in substitution of real flowers. This type of artificial flower is often fairly different than the rest due to the fact that it will need to withstand the elements. This means that outdoor artificial flowers are often made out of more durable materials which then may have been treated for additional protections. This allows outdoor artificial plants to withstand the elements, but it does often have the unintended consequence of making the plants look less real. That said, this type of artificial flower is no more or less expensive than the home decor type.


While this is often referred to as “wedding” flowers, you will find that you end up using the same type of artificial flowers regardless the celebration, if you use artificial flowers at all. The same artificial flowers that you would use at a wedding would serve just as well as some young lady’s quinceanera or a high school prom or any other number of celebrations. This type of artificial flower is noted for being a bit more expensive than the previous types, but it is also often made out of superior materials, at least for the bulbs. Silk, satin, and latex foam are all common materials for this type of artificial flower. It should be noted that this category will often also hold the least expensive product meant to be bought in bulk.


A bouquet is essentially a specialized type of celebration artificial flower, though you are likely fairly familiar with it already. In the artificial flowers market, a bouquet is generally the most ornate and ostentatious type of artificial flower around. On top of that, this is also often the most expensive type of artificial flower, though you could argue the additional expense is worth it when you see it compared to other types of artificial flowers. As befits a higher-end type, the bouquet artificial flowers are generally made of finer materials like satin or silk and will generally include an entire arrangement with both “organic” and inorganic components.


With a wide range of settings and purposes, it was pretty much understood from the beginning that there is no “true” best artificial flowers as that will depend more on what you need the artificial flowers for in the first place. Instead, it is simply a better idea to figure out what qualities you need in your flowers to fit the setting in which they will be displayed.

If you are looking for an all-around solid artificial flower that is also an incredible deal, the Ling’s Moment roses provide both a bounty of bulbs as well as an incredible deal where the cost for each individual flower is a little less than $0.50. On top of that, the latex foam looks amazing and feels more like the real thing than virtually any other material, just make sure to keep it out of the sun.

For those of you looking for the ultimate artificial flowers, the wedding bouquet, we recommend the JACKCSALE which is by far the largest and most ornate artificial flowers that we reviewed. On top of that, the JACKCSALE features a complete arrangement that comes with both organic and inorganic accents including rhinestones.

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