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10 Best Friend Picture Frames – Buyer’s Guide

Best Friend Picture FramesPictures are arguably the best way for us to remember the most important and cherished moments in our day-to-day lives. Years later as the memory fades the image remains as crisp as the day it was taken and one great way to brighten up any home or living space is with images of your friends and loved ones. Whether for yourself or as a gift to a friend a picture frame with a sentimental image in it can almost always make an excellent gift for any occasion.

Beloved images and moments, however, must be displayed in an appropriate picture frame in order to look their best. Check out our top 10 picks for friend-themed picture frames! Perfect for showcasing those treasured moments with your closest pals.

Best Friend Picture Frames of 2023

Product OrientationPicture sizeColorsMaterialsTypeDecorDimensions (frame) 
Malden International Designs Friends Expressions Picture Frame (Editor's Choice)Malden International Designs Friends Expressions Picture FrameLandscape4 x 6 inBlackWood and metalWood friend picture frame with metal wordMetal word “Friends”5.9 x 7.9 x 0.7 inCheck Price
Malden International Designs Hinged Picture FrameMalden International Designs Friends are the Family We Choose for Ourselves hinged Picture FramePortrait4 x 6 inBrownWoodWood friend picture frame with screen printed wordsScreen printed words8.4 x 7.4 x 0.6 inCheck Price
BestBuy Frames Wall Hanging 6 Photos CollageBestBuy Frames Wall Hanging 6 Image CollageLandscapeSix 4 x 6 inBlackPlastic and GlassFriend photo frame collageWord “Friends”16.8 x 1.1 x 12.8 inCheck Price
Sheen 12 Piece Magnetic Picture Frame and Refrigerator Magnet SetSheen 12 Piece Magnetic Picture Frame and Refrigerator Magnet SetLandscape or PortraitThree 5 x 7 in or 4 x 6 in and 3.5 x 5 in or 3 x 5 in or 2.5 x 3 inColorfulMagnet sheet, finished with glossy layerMagnetic framesMagnets with inspirational and appreciating quotes for friend-Check Price
Malden International Desktop Expressions FrameMalden International Desktop Expressions FrameLandscape4 x 6 inBlackWood and metalWood friend frame with metal word and screen printed wordsMetal word “Friends” and screen printed words6 x 2.2 x 0.1 inCheck Price
Isaac Jacobs Natural Wood Sentiments FrameIsaac Jacobs Natural Wood Sentiments FrameLandscape4 x 6 inBlack; naturalWoodWood friend picture frame with metal wordWood word “Friends”9.3 x 7.2 x 1.5 inCheck Price
Benerini My Best Friends FrameBenerini Best Friends FrameLandscape5 x 3.5 inBrushed satin silverAluminumAluminum friend picture frame with screen printed wordsScreen printed words “Best friends”6.2 x 6 x 1.2 inCheck Price
Homebeez 8 Opening Picture Collage FrameHomebeez 8 Opening Picture Collage FrameLandscape and PortraitTwo 4 x 4 in, Two 4 x 6 in, Two 5 x 7 in and Two 3.5 x 5 inBlackSolid MDF (wood) and PlexiglasFriend picture frame collageScreen printed words15.5 x 2.5 x 30 inCheck Price
Lifetime Creations Custom Engraved FrameLifetime Creations Custom Picture FrameLandscape or Portrait5 x 7 in or 8 x 10 inNaturalWoodPersonalized best friend photo frameCustom text9.5 x 0.5 x 7.5 in or 13.5 x 0.5 x 11.5 inCheck Price
Elegant Signs Picture FrameElegant Signs Picture FramePortrait4 x 6 inRustic woodHardwoodWood friend picture frame with screen printed wordsScreen printed words10 x 8 x 1 inCheck Price


1. Malden International Designs Friends Expressions Picture Frame – Simple and Understated Design

Starting off our list is the Malden International Designs friends Expressions picture frame. This picture frame holds any 4 by 6 inch picture and uses a simple black frame to avoid drawing too much attention from your current decor. On the front at the bottom of the black face of the picture frame is the word friends in all lowercase letters made of metal.

The metal and wood frame is well constructed and the thick border of the frame itself comes in at around 6 by 8 inches. This frame is great for those looking for a simple place to put any picture and also comes in a variety of styles other than the word friends including family, brothers, sisters, and others.

  • Simple design won’t draw attention away from existing decor
  • Comes in tons of different words
  • Only comes in black
  • Only fits 4×6 inch photo

Malden Friends Expressions Picture Frame


2. Malden International Designs Hinged Picture Frame – Vertical Frame with a Touching Quote

Next in our roundup is a hinged frame that supports a vertically-oriented photo on the right side and has a panel with a meaningful quote attached to the left side. The frame has a dark, almost black finish on the right side and a dotted, swirled design on the left with the quote. The quote goes, “Friends are the family we choose,” making it a perfect way to honor a special occasion with your close ones.

The frame is designed for a 4 x 6-inch picture oriented vertically to be placed inside of it. The hinge design with the quote on the left panel makes this a very well-balanced picture frame great for any desk or shelf. The design and sentimental words on the left side of the hinge are screen printed onto the wood making them durable and clear.

  • Hinged design revels a quote on the left panel
  • Holds a 4×6 image vertically and is very stable
  • Most keep sake images aren’t taken vertically
  • Can’t be hung on a wall

Malden Friends are the Family We Choose for Ourselves hinged Picture Frame


3. BestBuy Frames Wall Hanging 6 Photos Collage – All your Favorite Moments in one Place

The next frame we’re looking at is the BestBuy frames 6 opening wall hanging collage. A Black plastic frame featuring six images; three at the top and three at the bottom, with the word “friends” in all-caps. There is no backing to the central part that says friends making it so you can see the wall through the black letters giving it a stark and easily visible backdrop. This frame has six equally sized image slots, each intended for a 4 by 6-inch photo. However, the frame crops 0.25 inches off each side of your image.

The fronts of the images are held in by real glass which reduces glare compared to cheaper plastic options. This wall-hanging collage includes mounting hardware and a high-quality plastic frame, making it lightweight and easy to clean. Make sure the photos’ quarter-inch trim won’t affect the picture of self or crop out the subject.

  • Holds 6 images
  • Made of lightweight plastic
  • Real glass front reduced glare
  • Crops 1/4 inch off a 4×6 photo’s sides, sometimes cutting out the object.

BestBuy Frames Wall Hanging Collage


4. Sheen 12 Piece Magnetic Picture Frame and Refrigerator Magnet Set – Place Reminders of your Friendship Anywhere

If you were looking for a rather unique gift for your best friend then look no further than the Sheen 12-piece magnetic picture frames and refrigerator magnets set. This set includes a variety of cool, bright magnets with a tie-dye-like finish. It comes with different size frames and magnets featuring various quotes.

The refrigerator magnets feature quotes that include things like “It’s the friends we meet along the way that help us appreciate the journey” or “You are my best friend because I wouldn’t dare be this weird with anyone else” and makeup 6 of the magnets in the set. In addition, you’ll get three magnetic frames that are for 5×7 or 4×6 inch pictures as well as three frames to hold 3.5×5 or 2.5×3 inch pictures.

  • Comes with 6 different frames and 6 different refrigerator magnets
  • Can accommodate a variety of different-sized images
  • Frames themselves don’t say anything about friendship, just the fridge magnets

Sheen Magnetic Picture Frame and Refrigerator Magnet Set


5. Malden International Desktop Expressions Frame – Elegant and Refined Design

For those looking for a sleeker or more professional-looking frame that they can place on their desk at work or in their office, Melton International Designs offers the desktop expressions picture frame. This picture frame has a glass slide-in insert for a 4 x 6-inch picture. It features a rectangular black base with a metal “friends” design and a quote at the bottom, “friendship grows with love”.

The sleek black metal and wood base make this perfect for any office and will avoid drawing any unwanted attention while things such as important meetings happen in the office. The all-glass design offers an excellent view of the image placed in it and the frame also comes in a variety of other styles including family or sisters.

  • Elegant design could go on any desk or in any office
  • Bulky base design takes up a lot of space

Malden International Desktop Frame


6. Isaac Jacobs Natural Wood Sentiments Frame – Rustic Design with Natural Wood

Next in our roundup is the Isaac Jacobs natural wood sentiments frame which goes with a unique rustic design that gives it a simple elegance. This all-wood frame comes in either white, black or a unique natural finish that can fit any 4-inch by 6-inch photo and display it elegantly. This frame also comes in a number of styles including dad or mom.

For some people the frame itself around this picture frame will be a little on the thick side as it only fits a 4 by the 6-inch photo but comes in at 9.5 by 7 inches. The front insert is glass, providing an unobstructed view of your picture without glare. The white frame has black letters, the black frame has natural wood letters, and the natural frame has natural wood letters in a different font.

  • Unique rustic-looking natural finished wood
  • Large and thick frame only holds 4×6 inch photos but can take up substantial desk space

Isaac Jacobs Natural Wood Frame


7. Benerini My Best Friends Frame – Simple Aluminum Frame for your Cherished Memories

The next picture frame on our list is the Benerini best friends frame which has a unique brushed aluminum construction. This frame features a thick lower portion which features two engrave stars and the words best friends. The frame is made of solid aluminum with a satin-brushed silver finish. Its top and sides are thinner than the bottom.

This frame is designed for the rather unusual 5 by 3.5-inch picture size and will not fit 4 by 6 inch pictures. The backing of the frame is covered in a black velvet material which gives it considerable build quality and allows it to look elegant on almost any desk. The frame also comes with both a folding kickstand for display on a desk or shelf as well as mounting hardware for mounting the frame on a wall.

  • Can be mounted on a wall or displayed on a shelf or desk
  • Velvet backing and aluminum construction lend to the high quality feel and look
  • Only fits less common 3.5 by 5 inch pictures

Benerini Frame


8. Homebeez 8 Opening Picture Collage Frame – The Largest Frame on our List

If you’re looking for one picture frame to hold all of your most cherished memories then look no further than the Homebeez collage frame. This frame holds eight images of various sizes and features a sturdy black medium-density fiberboard construction. The frame has an asymmetric layout with two smaller pictures in the middle, a tall image on either side, and tall and small pictures on each side of the middle quote. The text in the middle reads, “friends… bring out the best in us”.

The covers of the images themselves are plexiglass rather than real glass which makes them safer with children or pets around but will produce more glare on the pictures. The frame holds two 4×4 inch pictures, two 5×7 inch images, two 4×9, and two 3.5×5 photos.

  • Holds 8 images of various sizes
  • Uses plexiglass fronts to the images which is safer and more durable but produces more glare


9. Lifetime Creations Custom Engraved Frame – Create your own Personalized Picture Frame

Next on our roundup is the Lifetime Creations custom picture frame. This frame is constructed of red Alder Wood which is then engraved with your custom text and given a natural finish. You can print the text in nine different fonts and have up to two lines at the top, and two lines at the bottom of the frame. The frame comes in 4 sizes, a 5 x 7-inch image in either a landscape or portrait orientation as well as an 8×10 that comes in either landscape or portrait as well.

The front inside of this picture frame is made of glass offering a clear view of the picture inside and the frame itself is designed with both an easel for placing on a desk or Shelf as well as wall mounting hooks. The custom text option of this frame makes it certain that you’ll find the perfect meaningful gift for any special person in your life.

  • Fits up to 4 lines of custom text
  • Comes in 4 different sizes
  • 9 font options for the text
  • Only comes in a natural wood finish

Lifetime Creations Picture Frame


10. Elegant Signs Picture Frame – A Plaque to Commemorate Good Friends

The final frame we’re taking a look at today is the elegant signs 8 by 10-inch plaque. This large frame sits horizontally and features a spot for a 4 x 6-inch picture in portrait orientation on the right side and sports an endearing quote on the left half of the frame which reads, “good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them but you know they’re always there”.

The front of this frame features a clear protective acrylic sheet to preserve the photo which, while easier to clean and less likely to shatter than glass, will cause some glare on the image in brighter places. The wooden frame is given a dark finish and the ink lettering is both durable and aesthetically pleasing. This frame can either stand on its easel leg or hang on a wall with included hardware.

  • Pleasing dark finish wood plaque
  • Only fits one size of image and only comes in one style

Elegant Signs Frame


Buyer’s Guide

Trying to display a picture can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for. The pressure can be especially high if the picture has special meaning or has sentimental value. How to display your moments with friends as elegantly as possible and getting the right picture frame will help with that. To dispel any confusion regarding different picture frames we’ve included this small guide to help you on your way.

Number of Pictures to Display

Picture Frames CollageThe first thing to consider is how many images you want your picture frame to hold. Many people have a specific picture in mind when they’re picking a picture frame but some people are looking for a collage-style picture frame that can hold many images. On our list, there is a 6-image and an 8-image collage frame, either of which would look amazing with almost any decor. Both feature an overall unintrusive design and display the images you put in them for all to see. If collages aren’t what you are looking for then our list also has 7 single-image picture frames as well as a 12-piece magnetic set that boasts 6 frames of two different sizes that you can display your pictures in.

Size of Pictures to Display

Another critical thing to consider when choosing a picture frame are the dimensions of the picture you will actually be putting in it. The most common size for pictures is 4 by 6 inches but images will also often come in 3.5×5, 5×7, or others. It can be important to make sure you have the right-sized image to fit in the frame you plan to buy.


The third big thing to consider when choosing an ideal picture frame is what kind of materials the frame is made out of. Most frames are constructed of either wood or some form of metal while some are made of plastic. Metal frames such as aluminum will be very durable but will also stand a chance of scratching any desk they’re on. Wooden frames are a nice middle ground between metal and plastic as they are both durable and easy to clean while plastic is easy to clean but can shatter if dropped from a desk or other high place.

The material of the front cover of the images is also important to consider. If you are the person you’re buying this for has children or pets that may be at risk if there is broken glass or if a picture frame falls then it might be best to consider one that has an acrylic or plastic cover. These covers cannot shatter and are easy to clean but present the downside of more glare than having a glass-covered image.

Wrap Up

When it comes to commemorating a special event or friendship getting the right gift for the person to show them how much they mean to you can be challenging. Pictures are a great way to capture how you feel about your friend and are often something that you both cherish and can enjoy. To make a picture a great gift though requires the right picture frame to put it in. This list features 10 of the best friend-related designs on picture frames that we could find anywhere and is sure to feature something that you can give your special someone to show them how you feel about them.

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