Best Shower Curtains – Buyer’s Guide

Best Shower CurtainsShower curtains offer an individual privacy while keeping their floor free from water damage. These curtains come in a variety of patterns, materials, and styles to spice up any bathroom décor. All home owners should consider the addition of a curtain to their shower, but it can be difficult to pick the perfect one.

Fortunately, you don’t need to fret. This buyer’s guide provides the top ten shower curtains available on the internet. In this convenient guide you will find descriptions, reviews, performance, and more to decide which shower curtain is the best fit for your needs.

Best Shower Curtains of 2019

Product TypeWidth x LengthMaterialsColorsRing/Hook HolesHooks 
LiBa LB7272CL PEVA Curtain Liner (Editor's Choice)LiBa Mildew Resistant Anti-Bacterial PEVA 8G Shower Curtain LinerShower curtain liner72"x72"PEVAClear; FrostedRust proof metal grommetsNot includedCheck Price
InterDesign 37221EU Thistle CurtainInterDesign Thistle Shower CurtainColorful shower curtain with floral pattern54"x78"; 72"x72"; 72"x84"; 72"x96"100% polyesterBlue and Black; Grey and Blue; Gray and Coral; Gray and Mint; Gray and Purple; Gray and Yellow; Gray and Blue; Green; Navy and Slate Blue; Purple and Gray12 rustproof grommetsNot includedCheck Price
A.Monamour Fabric Polyester Waterproof CurtainA.Monamour Fabric Polyester Waterproof Shower CurtainPolyester shower curtain with unique prints60"x72"; 72"x72"; 72"x78"100% waterproof polyesterMany unique printsPlastic GrommetsPlastic hooks includedCheck Price
InterDesign 35606 Leaves Fabric CurtainInterDesign Fabric Shower CurtainWhite shower curtain with floral print54"x78"; 72"x72"; 72"x84"; 72"x96"100% PolyesterBlack and Gray; Brown; Dark Green; Light Green; Gray and Mint; Navy and Slate Blue; Purple; Soft Blue and Green; TealRust proof metal grommetsNot includedCheck Price
Sharp Shirter Waterproof CurtainSharp Shirter Funny Waterproof Shower CurtainPolyester shower curtain with unique prints72"x72"100% waterproof polyesterMany unique prints12 metal grommets12 hooks includedCheck Price
mDesign 6556MDSC Fabric CurtainBest mDesign Fabric Shower CurtainPolyester shower curtain with light prints72"x72"100% PolyesterBe Awesome; Elephant; Flamingo; French Bulldog; NYC12 reinforced button holesNot includedCheck Price
Venice Elegant Home Heavy Duty Vinyl Curtain LinerBest Venice Elegant Home Heavy Duty Vinyl Shower Curtain LinerVinyl shower curtain liner70"x72"VinylBlack; White; Sky Blue; Lilac; Burgundy; Hunter Green; navy Blue; Yellow; Silver; Sand; Morning Glory; Jade; Bright Pink; Clear; Dusty Rose; Willow Green12 rustproof grommetsNot includedCheck Price
Aimjerry Resistant Fabric CurtainAimjerry Resistant Fabric Shower CurtainShower curtain with stripe design72"x72"100% polyesterWhite; Wheat; Black White; Cube; Edges12 reinforced button-holesNot includedCheck Price
Wimaha 103776 Nontoxic EVA CurtainBest Wimaha Nontoxic EVA Shower CurtainShining shower curtain72"x72"; 72"x78"100% Eva WaterproofStone; Geometric; Peep Hole Clear; Pephole Orange; Watercube12 rustproof metal grommets12 hooks includedCheck Price
Creative Home Ideas YMC002742 Natural Home Ombre Textured CurtainCreative Home Ideas Natural Home Ombre Textured Shower CurtainOmbre textured shower curtain70"x72"100% PolyesterChocolate; Orange; Fuchsia; Turquoise; Lime; Barn Red; Dark Grey; Marine Blue; Coral/Grey; Turquoise/Grey; Yellow/Grey12 rustproof grommets12 metal hooks with grey plastic beads includedCheck Price


1. LiBa LB7272CL PEVA Curtain Liner – Best All-Around Product

If you’re looking for a curtain that will stay clean and save you time on washing, this curtain is for you. Its antibacterial coating eliminates the risk of mold and keeps germs away. LiBa even offers a 12-month warranty should you encounter any mildew problems and if you’re not happy with this curtain you’re allotted 90 days to return without any questions. It’s basically a risk-free trial that puts your mind at ease.

Aside from its antibacterial protection, this curtain is easy to clean. All you must do to ensure cleanliness is give it a good wiping. The material is also eco-friendly without any use of PVC; which can emit a toxic gas. Instead this shower curtain is composed of PEVA. PEVA is a non-toxic, chlorine free substance that will not emit gas and endanger your family.

Though this shower curtain is healthy and low maintenance it is very bland. It lacks any design or color and consists of a basic clear curtain. It is also only available in standard size, so unique showers will not fit. The lightweight material will likely not hold in place well, so you will need to avoid the use of any fans. Otherwise you are likely to have water spillage. I highly recommend this curtain, even if it’s just for use as a liner.

  • Ecofriendly, chemical free
  • Great warranty and return policy
  • Mildew resistant
  • Antibacerial
  • No design or color
  • Only standard size
  • Light-weight


2. InterDesign 37221EU Thistle Curtain – Offers the Best Top Header

InterDesign thistle shower curtain comes in a contemporary design composed of 100 percent polyester. It has rust proof grommets and reinforced top header that gives additional support.

The curtain is low maintenance and machine washable with a mildew resistant material. Even after washing it will continue to hold color so you do not need to worry about fading. The sides and bottom are cut to avoid soap scum build up as well.

The only reported drawback of this curtain is coloring. It’s been noted that the preview image may not match actual color. Overall it seems like a good curtain and I would recommend it.


  • Rust proof grommets
  • Reinforced top header
  • Low maintenance
  • Non-fading print
  • Coloring may not match photo


3. A.Monamour Fabric Polyester Waterproof Curtain – Offers the Best Graphics

A.Monamour offers a graphic printed curtain that will not fade with use. These curtains are thick and composed of 100 percent polyester. The ecofriendly material is mildew resistant and dries quickly. Upon purchasing this curtain, you will also receive 12 hook rings. It’s relatively easy to clean but must be set to cold when washing to avoid damage. The bottom is weighted to keep it in place and you do not need to purchase a liner.

The preview image is a bit deceiving. Colors in the picture may not accurately represent colors that you will receive. There are only two options for measurements, standard and 180×80. This adds a restriction to those with wider or custom tubs. The curtain is also manufactured in China, so your delivery may take a while to arrive. If you are in search of a graphic curtain, this is a good option. Those in need of a curtain quickly and something simple should stay away.

  • Graphics that won’t fade
  • Weighted bottom
  • Comes with rings
  • Mildew resistant
  • Easy maintenance
  • Image not accurate
  • Limited sizes
  • Long delivery

A.Monamour Fabric Polyester Shower Curtain


4. InterDesign 35606 Leaves Fabric Curtain – Best for Custom Showers

The affordable InterDesign fabric shower curtain is composed of a light-weight polyester material. It dries quickly making it resistant to mold, but the use of a shower liner is suggested for added protection. The polyester material is easily taken care of and long lasting. There’s no need for dry cleaning as this curtain is effortlessly washed at home. It’s lined with twelve rust proof grommets that allow for stress-free hanging, but hooks must be purchased separately.

There are several stylish designs offered, but quality of coloring is lacking. Many designs are slightly faded or spotty. There are several dimensions available as well, but they may be a few inches shorter than described. So, it may be wise to order longer than you typically would. I would recommend this curtain for anyone on a budget. Though not the trendiest of curtains, it is durable and will last you. It may also be ideal for those with difficult measurements.

  • Mold resistance
  • Affordable
  • Machine washable
  • Color is faded or spotty
  • Lengths not accurtate
  • Material has cheap appearance

InterDesign Leaves Shower Curtain


5. Sharp Shirter Waterproof Curtain – Offers the Best Selection

This curtain is similar to the A.Monamour shower curtain. It’s 100 percent polyester and features graphics upon the material. This shower curtain has a wide selection of images to choose from, making it easy to find a fit for your bathroom. It is versatile and can be used as a liner or stand-alone curtain. The soft polyester material is mildew resistant, making it easy to keep clean. Your curtain will include 12 rings and if you’re not happy you can return it without question.

Though there are many curtains to choose from, they are all available in standard size. The material is also very thin which does not bode well for containing water or tearing. Images may not be as vibrant as advertised. The print has been reported to look faded and worn. Despite its wide selection I would not recommend this curtain. The thin material seems rather cheap and will probably need to be replaced frequently. This will cost you unnecessarily time and money.

  • Wide selection
  • Mildew resistant
  • Comes with rings
  • Easy clean-up
  • Faded images
  • Limited sizing
  • Thin material


6. mDesign 6556MDSC Fabric Curtain – Best for Easy Hanging

The mDesign shower curtain is composed of polyester and dries quickly to avoid mold. It does not require dry cleaning and can be washed at home in cold water.

This curtain has button holes which make hanging a breeze. It can be used as a liner or simply a shower curtain. There are not a low of options for design and the sizing is only available in standard.

Packaging may not be the best. Some customers have reported tearing upon arrival.

The low amount of consideration towards packaging makes me weary of this curtain. It would indicate the company does not add care to their products. I would likely not recommend this curtain to anyone in search of quality.

  • Easy hanging
  • Quick dry
  • Mildew resistant
  • Only standard size
  • Limited options
  • Poor packaging

MDesign Fabric Shower Curtain


7. Venice Elegant Home Heavy Duty Vinyl Curtain Liner – Best for Bathroom Protection

The Venice Elegant Home Shower Curtain Liner guarantees to last due to the heavy-duty vinyl material. The liner is easily cleaned with a simple wipe down. The grommets are rust proof and reinforced for extra security. This is a great solid color shower curtain with a variety of color options. As an alternative you may use this curtain for ultimate protection to a fabric curtain.

If you’re looking for a curtain with unique designs, this is not the way to go. It is very simplistic and will complement your bathroom accessories rather than be the base. It has been noted that packaging of from this provider can be poor. You may expect to be presented with damage upon arrival. Though it is easy to care for, you should avoid washing this curtain. Otherwise, you may find yourself with a handful of shreds.

  • Easy clean-up
  • Variety of colors
  • Rust proof grommets
  • Makes a great liner
  • Poor packaging
  • Simple design
  • Not machine washable

Venice Elegant Heavy Duty Vinyl Shower Curtain Liner


8. Aimjerry Resistant Fabric Curtain – Offers the Best Simplistic Design

Aimjerry shower curtains are mold resistant and available in standard size. The designs are simple, but stylish. The polyester material is water resistant providing extra protection from hard water stains and soap scum build up. This is also great for anyone living in a high humidity location. The material is also non-toxic, so you can rest knowing your family is not being exposed to harmful chemicals. To top it off, there is a 120-day money back guarantee.

This curtain is described as having a weighted hem, but it is a meager string holding the curtain in place. Sizes of the curtain may also vary from description. Though there is a 120-day money guarantee, you will likely be faced with a 50 percent restock fee that may not be worth it. This curtain is prone to wrinkling after washing as well.

This curtain seems to offer more complications than it is worth. Because of this I would not recommend the curtain. There are other curtains similar that seem to be of better quality.

  • Mildew resistant
  • Simple, stylish designs
  • Water resistant
  • Non-toxic material
  • Poor hem weight
  • Incorrect sizing
  • 50 percent restock fee
  • Wrinkling

Aimjerry Resistant Shower Curtain


9. Wimaha 103776 Nontoxic EVA Curtain – Best for Good Health

The Wimaha shower curtain is compiled of non-toxic 100 percent EVA material. The chlorine free material prevents nauseating chemical smells and an all-natural scent. This material is also water and mildew resistant. The bottom of the liner holds three magnets that keep the curtain from moving. On the top there are rust proof grommets to keep your shower curtain looking new. It is available in standard and 72×78, giving you an additional six inches.

The curtain is unfortunately very thin. This allows for easy ripping and tearing that may keep your curtain from lasting. The thin material also may be too light even for magnets to hold into place. This can lead to a lot of movement and sticking to your person as you attempt to get clean. Though there are rings included, they appear very cheap. To avoid a tasteless fashion, you might want to purchase a separate set.

  • Non-toxic, chlorine free 100 percent EVA
  • Water and mildew resistant
  • Bottom liner comes with magnets
  • Rust proof grommets
  • Thin material
  • Cheap rings

Wimaha Shower Curtain


10. Creative Home Ideas YMC002742 Natural Home Ombre Textured Curtain – Offers the Best Color

The Creative Homes shower curtain is made of 100 percent polyester and comes in eleven vibrant colors. It measures 70×72 only which is unfortunate, but it does come with twelve color matching rings. So, you will save time purchasing additions.

The metal rings are rust resistant and the polyester fabric will not fade.

It can be washed in your machine but should be used with a liner as there is no indication of water resistance. This likely means there is no mildew resistance, either. Which can be troublesome for many.

I wouldn’t recommend this curtain to anyone looking for something low maintenance. To avoid any build up it will likely need to be washed regularly.

  • Vibrant, fade resistant colors
  • Twelve matching rings
  • Machine washable
  • Not mildew resistant
  • Needs liner
  • Very simple

Creative Home Ideas Natural Ombre Textured Shower Curtain


Buyer’s Guide

A new shower curtain can add a touch of elegance to your bathroom, but it’s important to know what you’re looking for. Diving into available products without consideration to crucial aspects can lead to an improper purchase and a waste of time. Before adding that curtain to your cart, consider these factors below.


The first thing you’ll want to determine is what length of curtain you want. Some individuals enjoy a curtain that touches the ground, while others prefer a shorter curtain that meets the top of their tub. Typically, a curtain runs 72” x 72”, but custom tubs may need a stall curtain which runs 52” x 78”. Longer curtains run about 72” x 84”, while wider curtains are 108” x 72”.


Fabric curtains are available in polyester, cotton, or mix. Usually these curtains are machine washable, but some require dry cleaning. These curtains are elegant, but often difficult to care for. They take in moisture quickly, which may lead to mold and other damage. A liner can help to prevent this from happening, but you will likely need to clean them once a week. Another downside to fabric is the weight of the material. These curtains may require additional pieces to keep them in place.

Vinyl is a cheaper material but offers low maintenance and often more water resistance. Instead of absorbing water droplets, vinyl will repel the moisture. They come in a variety of patterns, making them easy to match with your towels and other bathroom accessories.

If you’re not interested in plastic, microfiber is another great option. This soft material is still cheaper than fabric curtains but provides more elegance than plastic. Much like vinyl they are water resistant, keeping mold and mildew at bay. Much like fabric curtains, microfiber is heavier and may require additional support. The added weight will also contribute to holding the curtain in place when a fan or heater is at play.


An important question you should ask yourself before purchasing a curtain is, do I want a liner? Some curtains simply cannot be used without one. If you try, you will likely find it ruined very quickly. These are usually the higher quality fabric curtains. You can find curtains that do not need them, but they are often cheaper and composed of plastic.


Shower curtains come in solid colors, decorative, and patterns. Solid colors will add to the design of your bathroom without stealing all the focus. If you’d rather the curtain be the center of your décor, then you may want to go with a pattern. Either way, it is important to know what will match and what will stick out like a sore thumb. If possible, you may want to review color schemes that associate with your bathroom.

Decorative curtains are best for those who prefer to take a bath. These high-quality curtains often use lace and embroideries to really make your bathroom attractive. They are a beautiful addition to any guest room but will ruin easily if used often. To help prevent damage, you can pair them with a liner. Liners are great for keeping off excess moisture and repelling water droplets.


You may find that some suppliers offer rings with their curtains. This can be a great addition, if they are of good quality. Some cheaper rings will likely snap and cause your entire curtain to tumble down. You want to be sure these rings match your décor as well. Cheap, dull rings can easily make your bathroom look tacky.


When searching through curtains, pay attention to any special perks they may provide. Some shower curtains are mold resistant, for instance. Others are hookless, saving you the trouble of buying rings. Then there are the extra wide curtains that guarantee your tub will be covered. These extra perks can help you out in the long run and should not be taken for granted.


What we can conclude is that everyone has different needs. What your specific needs are will determine which curtain is the right fit for you. Ask yourself some basic questions revolving around what is most important. Are you looking for décor? Do you want a curtain with low maintenance? Is ecofriendly material important? All these questions will lead you to the perfect curtain.

If you’re not really concerned with design, then you will probably want to go with the LiBa Mildew Resistant Anti-Bacterial PEVA 8G Shower Curtain Liner. From all the curtains on our list it seems to be composed of the best material. It will protect your floors from water, won’t consume your time with upkeep, and offers the most sanitation. It is also the most basic clear style and ecofriendly.

If you’re in search of a curtain that will adhere to the atmosphere of your bathroom, then you should consider using the LiBa as a liner. You can always add a fabric or more delicate curtain over it for design. The InterDesign Thistle Shower Curtain is a good choice as it provides a sleek design and not many issues. If you are looking for a curtain that grabs your attention, I would go with an A.Monamour curtain as they offer the most graphic designs. Those with custom or larger bathrooms will want to investigate the InterDesign Leaves Fabric Shower Curtain because it has a wider selection of measurements. Whatever your needs may be, one of the curtains on this list will surely satisfy them.

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