Best Track Lighting – Buyer’s Guide

Best Track LightingThe lighting in any room can have a huge impact on the feel of the room and how big it seems. A room that is too dark can easily seem claustrophobic, especially if the room is bright in the middle but darker on one side or in one corner. This is where the versatility and adjustability of track lights comes in as these lights feature multiple track heads with bulbs in each one that can be adjusted to point anywhere in the room.

This can not only help in rooms that are too dark in certain areas but can also be used to draw attention to or highlight objects of interest within a room, much like how museums and galleries used track lighting to illuminate certain features and exhibits. Track lighting is great for any home that could use a little more warming up or any collector who wants to literally shine a light upon his or her collection.

Best Track Lighting of 2019

Product TypeQuantityColorsAdjustableBulbsMaterialsDimensions 
Lithonia 3-Light LED Lighting Kit (Editor's Choice)Lithonia LED Lighting TrackDimmable lighting track3White; Black; Brushed Nickel; BronzeYesIncluded LED bulb
(13.5 watts total)
Plastic44.5 x 2.2 x 6.4 inCheck Price
Globe Electric 58959 SamaraGlobe Electric Samara Track LightingDimmable led track lighting for kitchen3, 4Brushed Nickel; Dark Wood; Black; PewterYesGU10 LED Bulbs IncludedMetalVarietyCheck Price
CANARM James 4 BulbsCANARM James Track LightingLighting track with many designs2, 3 or 4Brushed Pewter; Graphite; Nickel Brushed; Oil-Rubbed Bronze; Black; Nickel; ChromeYes50 Watt GU10 bulb not includedMetal; GlassVarietyCheck Price
HowPlumb 4 LightHowPlumb 4 Light Track LightingLighting track for kitchen4Oil rubbed bronzeYesGU10 bulb Not includedMetal29 x 4.8 x 4.8 inCheck Price
Quoizel DH1404PN DuchessQuoizel DuchessTraditional style lighting track4Palladian Bronze; Antique NickelYes100W Medium Base or 23W CFL Bulbs Not includedSteel36.5 x 6 x 12.5 inCheck Price
Direct Lighting LED Track Lighting KitDirect Lighting Brand H System 3 Light Track LightDimmable led track lighting system3Black; WhiteYesGU10 LED Bulbs IncludedMetal48.5 x 6 x 4.8 inCheck Price
Direct Lighting Blue Glass Adjustable Lighting KitDirect Lighting Blue Glass Track LightsDimmable led track lighting for living room or kitchen3Brushed Steel with Amber, Blue, Brown Red or White; Dark Bronze or White with Amber, Blue, Brown RedYes50W Max of GU10 twist and turn base halogen bulbs inclededMetal22 x 6 x 5 inCheck Price
Pro Track Elm Park 4 Light FixturePro Track Elm Park 4 Light FixtureTrack lighting with LED or standard bulbs4 or 6Brushed SteelYes8 watt medium base Par20 LED bulbs (may be included) or 60 watt standard-medium base bulbs (not included)Metal42 x 12 x 8 in orCheck Price
LNC A03186 2-LightLNC Wood Close to Ceiling SpotlightsLighting track for kitchen2BlackYesE26/medium base max 60W Bulb(Not Included)Metal, Wood17.6 x 14.8 x 9.2 inCheck Price
ProTrack Flex Rave 6 Light Track FixtureProTrack Flex Rave 6 Light Track FixtureCurved track lighting6Satin ChromeYesIncludes six 50 watt GU10 GZ10 halogen bulbsMetal33.6 x 10 x 7.2 inCheck Price


1. Lithonia 3-Light LED Lighting Kit – Sleek and Modern Design

Next up we’re taking a look at the Lithonia Lighting LED track light. This track light features 3 track heads for bulbs, each of which is rotatable 350 degrees and placed on a rail so the lights can be as far apart or as close to each other as your needs demand. The overall design of the rail comes in white, brushed nickel, bronze, or a simple and modern black. The track heads themselves where the bulbs will be placed also come in a number of designs including a very modern-looking mesh back design or a more mid-century modern style egg-shaped design.

Thanks to the use of LED lights in this track light the unit is not only highly energy efficient but also provides 900 lumens of light to the area you wish to illuminate. The track heads are also adjustable up to 60 degrees vertically as well as fully dimmable with a compatible dimmer switch and easy to install.

  • Modern design and look
  • LED lights put out 900 lumens while using minimal electricity
  • Can sometimes show wires once mounted on the ceiling because the mounting base is very narrow

Lithonia Lighting Track


2. Globe Electric 58959 Samara – Understated Modern Decor

The Globe Electric Samara is a 3 light track light which features sleek and elegant modern minimalism and it’s designed which lends itself to almost any kind of space in your home. The aesthetic of these track lights don’t draw too much attention would rather focus light on the points of interest that you wish to highlight in the room. The design features a very simple round brushed nickel plate for the mounting and wiring, a simple straight rod for the track lights themselves which do not move along the track what can simply be rotated and pointed at certain objects, and the simple egg shaped like themselves.

Globe Electric has decided that LED bulbs are optimal and includes them in every Samara track light. The LED bulbs put out 534 lumens while consuming a meager 7 watts of electricity to help save you on your electric bill. The LED lights installed also last substantially longer than traditional light bulbs meaning you’ll have to bother with replacing them less often.

  • Simple and elegant design
  • Comes in 4 styles
  • Uses highly efficient LED bulbs
  • Can be somewhat dim in some areas

Globe Electric Track Lighting


3. CANARM James 4 Bulbs – Elegant Lighting with Tons of Style Options

The first track light in our roundup is the James by Canarm Limited. These track lights feature a small circular base plate that is mounted to the wall or ceiling and is connected to an S-shaped track with either 4 or 3 lights on it. The lights themselves have alabaster covers to diffuse the light more effectively through the room and are roughly 7 inches tall and up to 26 inches in length.

This track light comes in a number of styles including oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, dark graphite, and brushed pewter. There are also two and even one light variants of many of these styles giving you plenty of options on how you want to light your space. The drawback to these track lights is that they require up to four of the GU10 type of bulbs which are 50-watt flood light bulbs that use mirrors in the back of the bulb to reflect the light forward. This gives very directional light which is great for illuminating certain details and is better in certain lighting scenarios than others.

  • Tons of styles and options
  • Directional light offers to highlight objects of interest
  • Only takes GU10 type bulbs

CANARM LTD. James Track Lighting


4. HowPlumb 4 Light – Best For Kitchen

This HowPlumb track light comes in at 29 inches long and only 4 and 3/4 inches in height and hose for 50 watt gu10 halogen light bulbs that are extremely bright and are easily able to illuminate almost anything you could need lit up. Diss track light comes in only one design which features a circular base plate for mounting on two walls or ceilings and a perfectly straight track that has four evenly spaced lights hanging down from it. The lights themselves cannot be moved to closer or further apart but do swivel in almost every direction.

This track lighting only comes in a bronze finish with almost bell-shaped track heads and utilizes the very bright 220 volt gu10 light bulbs. All these bulbs do put out substantial amounts of light they also consume quite a bit of energy and put out a fair bit of heat as well. This can be important to consider depending on the space you put the lights in and how energy efficient you want your lighting fixtures to be.

  • Very bright halogen bulbs
  • Uses hot and energy sucking 220 volt bulbs
  • Only comes in one style

HowPlumb Track Lighting


5. Quoizel DH1404PN Duchess – Add Stunning Beauty to Any Home

Next on our list is the Quoizel Duchess track lights which are a set of gorgeously elegant track lights that come 2 Styles and post four adjustable track heads. This track light features a more traditional style with a square panel for mounting and wiring into the ceiling or wall and a slightly s curved track with four lights hanging down from it that are shaded by champagne marble glass.

This track light is designed to use either the bright and powerful 100-watt medium base bulbs or energy efficient 23 watt CFL bulbs. The design is available in either palladian bronze or antique nickel and is roughly 12 and 1/2 in tall and 36 and 1/2 in Long.

  • Very elegant design goes well with practically any traditional decor
  • Compatible with multiple bulbs
  • Limited design options

Quoizel Duchess Track Light


6. Direct Lighting LED Track Lighting Kit – Versatile Lighting System Solution

For those looking for a highly adjustable and versatile lighting system that will not draw away from the existing decor and aesthetic of a room then the direct lighting brand H System track lights might be just what you’re looking for. This kit comes with 3 track heads which are simple in design featuring a white cylindrical body and a mesh bag with a wire that feeds back up to the track. The track itself is 4 ft long making it one of the longest tracks on this list it is highly adjustable.

The track heads and lights themselves can be adjusted to anywhere along the 4ft length of the track itself and can also be adjusted 180 degrees horizontally to point anywhere on the side of the room that the lights are facing, as well as 90 degrees of vertical adjustment. The track heads use high efficiency LED bulb switch put out 500 lumens at 3000k which is a warm white color while consuming only 7.5 watts of power. Included lights use a wide flood beam angle of 40 degrees to illuminate large areas rather than specific points of interest in the room.

  • Highly adjustable heads
  • Uses efficient LED lights
  • Only comes in one very plain style

Direct Lighting Brand H System Track Light


7. Direct Lighting Blue Glass Adjustable Lighting Kit – Unique Eye Catching Fashion and Style For Living Room

Next up is a light for those who prefer to have a little Flair in their house. This Direct Lighting 3-light track light features a unique glass design that brings a personal touch to any rooms lighting. This track light features a circular base for mounting and an S curved brushed steel beam which is adorned by three large glass light fixtures would come in a variety of colors. Options include blue, brown, red, amber, as well as white or bronze for the mounting plate and track itself rather than steel.

Again, this model uses the gu10 style of light bulb which is a 50 watt very bright bulb that consumes a fair amount of power. The lights are dimmable on a compatible dimmer switch which is not included, and also have a narrow or beam of light which is better for highlighting certain objects rather than illuminating a whole room.

  • Very unique colored glass style
  • Uses 50 watt GU10 bulbs

Direct Lighting Blue Track Lights


8. Pro Track Elm Park 4 Light Fixture – Simple Elegance

If you’re looking for a track light fixture that is simple and easy to install then look no further than the pro track Elm Park collection brushed steel for light fixture. This lighting fixture features a stainless steel finish on the simple rounded but elegant track heads which can be adjusted in almost any direction and features a slightly dropped down track from the circular mounting base plate.

The track lighting itself is practically pre-wire and boasts an easy to install junction box just like a regular ceiling fixture. All mounting hardware is included and the track heads use standard 60-watt medium base bulbs. The four lights offer plenty of elimination for almost any space and the track comes in at 36 inches in length and ten and a half inches in height.

  • 4 standard 60 watt bulbs provide ample light
  • Easy to install junction box
  • Only comes in one style

Pro Track Elm 4 Light Fixture


9. LNC A03186 2-Light – Rustic Aesthetics with Versatile Design

Next in our Roundup is the LNC track spotlights. These lights featuring a very unique rustic design that has a wood board rather than a real track on which the two lights are mounted. Each light features a large black metal shade which can be pointed in any direction that you desire in order to draw attention to and illuminate certain points in the room. The lights themselves hang down just over 10 in from the wooden baseboard and do not actually move along the track itself as they are fixed in place on the wood.

This lighting fixture can be mounted on either a wall or ceiling and uses either standard medium base 60 watt bulbs or can be equipped with E26 type bulbs. For a more rustic look go with a pair of Edison-style E26 bulbs which offer slightly less light than a more modern 60 watt bulb but use less power and offer a gentle warm light which pairs well with The Rustic look of the lighting fixture itself.

  • Very distinct rustic look with wooden base
  • Compatible with both standard 60 watt bulbs and E26 bulbs
  • Only one style available
  • Only 2 lights

LNC Spotlights


10. ProTrack Flex Rave 6 Light Track Fixture – Lighting a Whole Room with One Track

The last lighting fixture on our list is the ProTrac Flex Rave 6 light fixture which has the most lights on it of any of the track lighting fixtures in this list and is also one of the most adjustable lighting systems available. This model of track light comes with a chrome circular base plate and features a long chrome arm on either side with three lights each. Each arm is actually flexible and can either be entirely straight or bent at over 90° angles to space the lights as needed. The lights themselves feature a sleek and modern design that in many ways resembles the nose cone on a rocket.

Each arm on this Frame is 24 and three-quarter inches wide and the entire thing when fully extended is 87 inches in length making it a considerable lighting fixture for most rooms. This track light includes 6 50 watt GU10 halogen bulbs as well as 3 connectors for the arms and base plate so that you can arrange them in any pattern you’d like.

  • 6 Lights
  • Very Adjustable
  • Long arms allow for lighting an entire room with ease
  • Uses GU10 bulbs
  • Only available in one style

ProTrack Flex Rave 6 Light Track


Buyer’s Guide

As with any investment or change to a home, it’s important to make sure that you know what you’re getting. Being well-informed when it comes to lighting fixtures is easy to do but invaluable when choosing the right lighting fixture. When it comes to track lights two things are important, the kind of bulbs that use and how adjustable the track heads are. The type of bulb can have a huge impact on how much light comes out of the fixture, what color the light is, and how much power do you track light will consume. Adjustability is a huge reason people are interested in track lighting and knowing how much as a stability you’ll need is important for picking the right track lighting for your space. Below we’ve compiled some information regarding these factors in the hopes of educating you on what kind of track light will work best for you.

Energy Efficiency, Brightness, and Light Temperature

Arguably the first thing to consider when choosing a new lighting fixture for your home is what kind of light you wanted to provide. Depending on the type of light bulb inside of the fixture different colors of light can be emitted, different beams of light can be emitted, and even different amounts of energy could be consumed. One common type of light bulb that is used in many track light lighting fixtures is the gu10 which is a floodlight style bowl with a relatively narrow beam that can run on anywhere from 50 watts to 220 watts and provide ample light to almost any space. The drawback of the gu10 bulbs is that they often consume quite a bit of power and heat up to considerable temperatures.

Aside from standard 60 watt light bulbs that are also high efficiency LED bulbs that many people are already aware of and many companies are starting to include in their track lights. LED bulbs are highly energy efficient and consume between 5 and 10 watts of electricity which is about 0.5% of what a gu10 bulb might consume. They also produce less heat than gu10 bulbs which is important in smaller spaces all while providing about the same amount of light. The main concern with many LED bulbs is that they have a “colder” color to them as opposed to more traditional style bulbs which are referred to as “warmer” or a little bit more red in tone. If this matters to you or will have an impact on how your space looks then make sure you look for LED bulbs with a lower “temperature” of around 3000k.


Of course, the other very important things to look at when considering track lighting is how adjustable the lights themselves actually are. The main draw for many people to track lighting is the fact that the lights can be individually moved to highlight objects of interest within the room. This is great on small showcases or museums where certain articles need to be lit directly in order to be seen in full detail. Whether you’re trying to highlight your collection or simply illuminate the room adjustability is a good thing to have when it comes to track lights.

Many track lights do not feature lighting fixtures which actually run along the track itself but are rather fixed in place on the rail. Depending on whether you need to have control over the distance between lights you may want to make sure that the track light you are interested in does have lights which can be moved closer and further apart. Additionally, some track lights have track heads which can be adjusted 360° horizontally meaning they can illuminate almost anything in the room, while others only have 180 degrees of rotation horizontally. This is fine however if your lights are going to be in one corner on one side of the room because they will only need to rotate 180 degrees anyways. Finally, almost all track lights will feature enough vertical adjustment to hit from floor to ceiling.


We hope that one of the ten available models of track lights we have compiled here will help you improve the lighting and feel of your home, or at the very least we were able to inform you on the matter and give you a clear idea of what you’re looking for.

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